Letting Life Flow – Accepting the “Traffic Jams”

Lately on the drive to work there has been an unusual amount of traffic.  There have even been traffic jams which are unexpected in our city.  As  sit in the traffic, I look ahead, trying to see what’s blocking the way.  Nothing.  The cars crawl forward slowly.  I try to be patient and look for the silver lining in the fact that I’m going to be late for work.  I realize I can spend more time praying, having a conversation with God, as I do every day.  I pray for family and friends who need help.  I pray for strength and the ability to focus and maintain a positive attitude.  I pray for a friend who has been fighting a battle with cancer for the last few years.

Then, the traffic begins moving more quickly and I can drive at my usual pace.  I never did see what was causing the traffic to come to a standstill earlier.  I wonder, is this what life is like.  There are times in our lives when we feel like there are so many “traffic jams”.  We can’t move as quickly as we want.  We search for some logical reason why our prayers have not yet been answered, but no reasons become visible.  When we are patient and let life flow as it should, we can more easily accept the pace of our journey.  When we open our eyes to our supportive family and friends, to the unexpected people we meet, we see that the plan for our life is playing out perfectly.  There doesn’t always need to be a clear reason why we are faced with “traffic jams” in our lives, we can simply accept life as it happens and enjoy every minute of it!

My journey continues and I am comfortable and satisfied with the pace of life.  I’ve had some great presentations in the past few weeks and a few more coming up in November.  I’m excited about the opportunity to help people better understand social anxiety disorder.  I’m continuing to remember the social comfort tips as I prepare my body, mind and spirit for these presentations.

Enjoy your journey and believe that everything happens for a reason – because it does!  Sending you all prayers for a life filled with happiness and peace!


Lisa is passionate about helping people to discover and live their best life. As a life and career coach, Lisa thrives on building solid, trusting emotional connections and being a positive advocate and accountability partner for you.

Her coaching certifications and tools along with her personal and professional experiences result in a coaching experience that can help stressed out, overwhelmed clients to experience the joy and life satisfaction that Lisa now experiences.

As an author, speaker and educator, Lisa speaks from the heart. Her engaging and inspirational style motivates people to continually grow and learn. She shares her personal struggles with anxiety and extreme stress openly and honestly while encouraging people of all ages to seek help.

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