Challenges Make Us Stronger

Today I came across something I wrote a few months ago. I found it at just the right time, to guide me through some decisions I may need to make in the coming months related to my career. Why did I find this notebook today, right when I needed it? Do you have experiences like this happening in your life? Pay attention to these situations… Are there times when someone calls you just when you need to hear their voice? Or does a certain song come on the radio, lifting you up right when you need it? These are examples of God’s hand at work in your life.

When I feel stressed and discouraged, I often find myself drawn to the Footprints prayer. There were times in my life when I felt I couldn’t gather the courage to walk forward – wanting to curl up in bed and stay there – during those times I had a true sense that God sent His angels to help me walk. His love is everlasting and I know when I need Him most, He’s carrying me.

Here’s what I found in my notebook today, it is my hope that you find value in the message…


Break New Ground:

While it may be easier to follow the path you believe you should follow, pause and reflect – is this the way you want to go? Many of us believe we need to be the person everyone expects us to be. You can be yourself. Whoever you want to be.

Believe in yourself because you are YOU! The person you are is already there. You feel fear and anxiety – don’t fight it – recognize it, but trust your heart. There is no anxiety there. There is only love.

Keep moving forward, step out of your comfort zone. This life is your life and you can experience it in any way you desire. Protect yourself; pause when you feel the time is right. Gather strength like the snow-covered grass in winter, allowing time for a vibrant renewal in spring.

That path you see ahead has many twists and turns and the first path you see may be easy – what you are used to – what you’ve been told you are good at. You feel OK, you feel comfortable, but you know there is more your heart wants.

You look at the other path and see the terrain is rougher. You will need to be more cautious, but as you break through the slippery slopes and the large rocks, you find the most beautiful view. Your heart smiles and you feel elated. You know this is where you really want to go. The success comes slowly, but you love it – every minute – and know this is the real you.

Love yourself. Remove all judgment. Accept everything about you.


Napali Coast Kauai

As you move forward in your own life, no matter what challenges you face, remember that those challenges make you stronger. It may not seem like it at the time, but you will see the truth someday when you are ready.


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Her coaching certifications and tools along with her personal and professional experiences result in a coaching experience that can help stressed out, overwhelmed clients to experience the joy and life satisfaction that Lisa now experiences.

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